The Best Life

The Best Life, written and directed by Carla Miles, is the story of two kindred spirits trying to survive their own challenging circumstances.

Iola, an old, homeless woman who lives with her dog in the desert, relishes visits from Sarah - a whimsical, wayward  young woman who brings her food, supplies, and an occasional treasure.

While not knowing each other's story, the two women care about each other a great deal, and each wishes they could save the other.

Their unlikely friendship reveals the universal truths that you can never really know the trials and experiences of another, and that personal history is what guides one to "The Best Life."

Film Set

Currently in Pre-Production

Cast and Crew


 Sarah: Jessica Albright 

Gail Schmidt.jpg

 Iola: Gail Schmidt 


 Camera: Stephanie Heven 


 Music by Aurora Rossi 


 1st Asst Director:

 Leigh Albright 

 Writer/Director: Carla Miles